Red Lock

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Red lock is a set of mini games in which you have to earn points by catching a red ball. The player earns 1 point for every caught ball. 1 coin is earned for every 10 points. Coins can be used to buy new levels. The best players make it to the leaderboard!

Level one. Platform: Rotate the platforms to create a path to the truck and catch the ball.

Level two: Fishing. Rotate the platform and operate the crane to catch the red ball.

Level three: Elevator. Turn the crane left or right to catch the red ball. Release the ball in the truck to earn points.

Level four: Bridge. Rotate the platforms to set the truck in motion and catch the red balls.

Level five: Catapult. Press and release the button to toss the ball and catch it in the truck.

Level six: Vacuum. Move the crane left or right, press the button to "suck in" the ball. Press again to release. The truck only accepts red balls!



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