Red Faction Revenge

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You can rise to the first place in the league by showing yourself in league mode. The best defense is attack. Remember. But don't forget to set up your defense systems for some special players. The points you get will increase according to the difficulty level of the opponent.

You can easily play the game with the mouse. You can move around the map with the right mouse click and direct the units to the place you clicked. You can get information about that unit by clicking on the units with the left mouse button. You can also click the buttons in the lower left corner with the left mouse button to create a new unit.
You can also use the W,A,S,D buttons to navigate the map.
You can use the ESC key on the keyboard to exit the game.
After selecting your military units with the left mouse click, you will attack when you click the enemy military units with the right mouse button.
You can make sound settings with the stop button in the upper right corner.



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