Rage Racing Simulator

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This game is designed for racing fans who crave the excitement and adrenaline of high speed racing.

Choose from a wide range of vehicles, each with their own unique performance and handling.

Compete with other racers on various tracks around the world. With realistic physics, you will feel every turn, skid and jump as you race to the finish line.

Unlock new cars as you progress through the game.

With stunning graphics and breathtaking sound effects, this game will take you into the world of high speed racing like never before.

- Wide variety of vehicles to choose from
- Realistic physics and handling
- Various tracks around the world
- Stunning graphics and exciting sound effects
- Unlockable cars as you progress through the game

To start the game, you need to select a car in the "garage", after which you need to set it to the "play" setting and select the map of interest. In order to return to the menu and select another card, you must set the pause option, and then change the "To menu" option.
For PC:
ESC // P - pause
L. shift - acceleration
R - return at dawn checkpoint
C - change the position of the camera
B - slow down time
F2 - car recovery
WASD - vehicle control
Spacebar - handbrake

For mobile: tap the buttons on the screen to control the machine.
T button - return at dawn checkpoint
Camera button - change the position of the camera
Button (N2O) - nitro
Arrows - turn the car
Big pedal - gas
Small pedal - brake
Pause button - pause



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