Quiz Dead By Daylight

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The Quiz Dead By Daylight is created for fans of this famous horror game!

Our quiz game is an exciting immersion into the world of “Dead By Daylight”. In it, you can test your knowledge about the characters and gameplay mechanics.

The game is designed for Dead by Daylight enthusiasts who want to test their knowledge and skills. It is perfect for those who are already familiar with surviving or hunting characters in the game's dark world.

In the “Quiz Dead By Daylight” game, there are two categories: “Characters” and “By game”. In the “Characters” category, you need to guess the characters based on photos with 4 answer options. In the “By game” category, you can test your knowledge about the game mechanics.

There are 72 levels in the “Characters” category to test your knowledge about the game characters. In the “By game” category, there are 30 levels to learn more about the game mechanics.

Test your knowledge about the game, test yourself in our game! Good luck!

You need to choose the correct answer from four options. If you make a mistake, you start from the beginning. Answer selection is implemented by regular clicking.



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