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This is a clicker game about the evolution of cats. Perfect for those who want to relax and love cats!

Simple gameplay - merge cats and get new species. You can use boosters to speed up progress and complete tasks for rewards.

There are 4 planets in the game, each with 5 zones that can be inhabited by cats.

- Drag and drop identical cats to make them evolve!
- The more cats and the higher their type, the more coins drip into the account
- Buy more cats to evolve faster
- Reach up to 7 cats in each zone to unlock a new one
- Complete tasks and get rewards for them
- Unlock all zones to go to a new planet
- Send the cat on an expedition to get useful resources
- Collect money from the piggy bank when you enter the game again (need certain progress)
- Double the coins from the piggy bank, double the coin production and get crystals for watching ads
- Upgrade boosters to progress even faster
- Open and populate all the planets with cats!



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