Punisher: Apocalyptica

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"Punisher: Apocalyptica" - clean your city from zombies! Buy cars for ZomboCoins, drive around the city and beyond!
Each machine has unique parameters. One rides like a tractor, while the other picks up speed up to 100 in a few seconds!

Game Features:
- hidden bonuses on the roofs of buildings
- realistic car controls
- open world with multiple locations (farm, cemetery, factory, city)
- great 3D graphics
- 7 different cars

W.A.S.D. or arrows on the keyboard - control the car.
Shift - use of nitro (acceleration).
Spacebar - handbrake.
C - change the view camera.
R - exit to the menu.
E - turn on the siren on the police car.
G - use if the car turned over.



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