Portal Billiards

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In this billiards game variant, pockets are not just pockets. These are Portals!

There are three modes in the game:
- Player VS Computer(with three difficulty levels)
- Player VS Player(hot-seat)
- Online game

Three types of match(differs in the number of object balls):
- 6 balls
- 10 balls
- 15 balls
The "10 balls" match is only available in the online mode.

Game controls:
Set angle(with mouse or with tap on touchscreens). Then drag the cue(in the left side of the in-game screen) down gaining shot force, and release it.

1) There are balls of two colors - the blue and the red ones.
2) Players should pocket balls into the portals with the respective color, the red into the red, the blue into the blue.
3) After every shot, the portals randomly change their positions in the pockets.
4) If a player pockets a ball into the correct portal, the player gets 3 points.
5) Otherwise, if a player pockets a ball into the incorrect portal, the opponent gets 3 points.
6) If there is no collision between the cue ball and any object balls, the opponent gets 1 point.
7) If the cue ball pocketed into any portal, it appears at a random position of the start area, and the next shot goes to the opponent.
8) If all balls are pocketed, the player with more points wins.
9) If the score is equal, the additional red ball appears at the start position to play.



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