Pet Cafe

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Welcome to the unique cafe "Fluffy Corner"! Here every visitor can surround himself with the society of various animals.

A wide selection of animals: Your cafe will be home to many animals – from affectionate kittens and puppies to woolly sheep.

Take care of the animals: You have to take care of the welfare and happiness of your pets. Feed them, play with them, take care of their health and mood. The happier the animals are, the more visitors your cafe will attract.

Develop your cafe: Attract new visitors, expand the room to contain even more animals!

In the game you buy animals and take care of them in your cafe.
You need to monitor the cleanliness, hunger and fatigue of your animals.
Visitors come to you to play with pets.
Hire employees and increase the capacity of your institution.

Computer management:

WASD - character movement

Control on the phone:

Pinch and point your finger in the desired direction of movement of the character.



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