Pen Run 3D

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Get ready to finish your masterpiece! But the pen doesn't seem to be enough! To get more pens, finish the game Pen Run 3D! Collect more pens, avoid obstacles, and don't touch the walls!
The more pens you collect, the more modules you can complete.
How many masterpieces can you complete?

How to play Pen Run 3D?

1. Open the app and pick up your tool – a colorful pencil.
2. Next, it’s time to take on the challenge. With your pencil in hand, trace and race your way along the obstacle course.
3. Add to your color collection by picking up more pencils along the run. Wow!
4. But, oh, no! You gotta avoid those obstacles. Hit them, and it’s game over!
5. Run and make it to the finish line. Look at that colorful collection. AMAZING!



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