Path of a Chief

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Path of a Chief is a prehistoric survival simulator.

The game may seem similar to idlers and clickers, but that's not the case at all. It's a text-based simulator with complex crafting and building systems. Imagine playing Medieval Dynasty, but wrapped in BitLife gameplay.

Start your journey by mastering the simplest materials and tools, gradually unlocking new recipes and builds. Gather simple materials, hunt and forage for food. Build your first simple knife, spear, hoe. Develop your little sanctuary until you meet other living souls ready to form a joint settlement. Become the founder of your own tribe, give orders to other characters, and develop technology to thrive in a prehistoric world.

All interaction with the game is through a simple interface. Buttons for actions and indicators that show the current progress of each action.

You need to search for resources, research possible recipes, create items and build structures to ensure basic survival in a prehistoric world.

The game has many events that will make the journey harder or easier depending on different conditions and the player's progress.



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