Pass through the colored wall!

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Welcome to the captivating world of "Pass through the colored wall!" - a game where color and dexterity combine in a unique test for the mind and reaction. In this exciting game, players will go on an exciting challenge through a colorful wall full of many shades and tones.

The main task is to pass through a colored wall, which will change its shades and reflect different color spectra. But be on the lookout! The timer will show an indicator of a certain color, through which you should go. To successfully overcome the wall, the player will need to instantly adapt to changing conditions, choose the right color and time to pass.

The further you progress, the more difficult and exciting your challenge becomes, revealing more and more intricacies and possibilities of passing through many color shades.
Get ready for the unknown horizons of the color world, where your every action becomes an important step on your path to success!

Your task is to resist and remain the only one on the platform.

Computer control:
W, A, S, D - character control
Spacebar - jump



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