PARKOUR First-Person

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PARKOUR First-Person - Inspired by "Mirror's edge" game for those who love parkour and dynamic gameplay. Pass the levels at speed, get stars and buy skins to make your game character look even more attractive!
Running, overcome obstacles, jumping on skyscrapers, cope with difficulties, think in an original way and you will be the first, fight with other players for the first place on the leaderboard!

Game Features:
• Developed levels
• Realistic parkour
• Leaderboard
• Shop with skins
• Nice graphics
• Dynamic gameplay
• Convenient and intuitive operation
• Smooth animations

To make it easier to overcome obstacles, after the jump, do not release the spacebar after the jump, HOLD down the spacebar to climb anywhere.

• WASD - Movement (Auto acceleration)
• Space - Jump / Catch (Hold Space)
• Shift - Crouch / Roll (While running)
• Shift (Before landing) - Soft landing
• LMB - Open the door
• Tab - pause



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