Pack your burger

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Countless people rushed to your burger shop. It's good that you have a conveyor belt that carries products for customers' burgers. Customers order a burger from the ingredients they want. Satisfy out of desire by throwing the ingredients to them directly on the tray. Improve the taste of your burgers with sauces and give customers a refreshing drink from the refrigerator. There's a rat in the restaurant, and you have nothing but ingredients for burgers? Throw these ingredients at her! Throwing ingredients on a tray lying on the table is too easy, will you be able to get on the tray if the guest moves with it? Or if the client moves the tray on the table, preventing you from getting in?
The game has 22 unique levels, a store for expanding the assortment and buying decorations. Compete with players from all over the world on the leaderboard.

In order to complete the level, it is necessary to fulfill the orders of all customers: collect burgers and, if necessary, give a drink. If a customer gets a burger with the wrong ingredients they wanted, you'll get less money. If a customer receives a burger with an inedible ingredient, he will not pay for the order.
The player can lose if he throws the ingredient at the client 4 times.

PC control:
Aim - mouse movement with the left mouse button held down
To throw an ingredient - release the left mouse button
Cancel the throwing of the ingredient - right mouse button

Management on a mobile device:
Aim - hold and move your finger on the screen
Throw an ingredient - release your finger



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