Only 5% of people know this breed

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Play an entertaining anti-stress quiz with hundreds of questions.
Take a break from the routine and expand your horizons.

Open chests and collect the entire collection of funny cats.
Participate in the ratings and take the top lines of the smartest players.

Quiz is:
- a great way to start your day with a good mood and a wonderful game for the night
- a game in which you can test your knowledge of dog breeds.
- relaxing game - simple and difficult questions to test IQ.

Don't waste time, start developing your intelligence right now!
Start the game :)

You are asked a question and several possible answers.
If you answer correctly, then bonus coins and cups are awarded to you (they increase you in the rating table).
For answers without errors, you get additional stars that multiply your reward.
If the answer is not correct, the asterisks are set to zero.



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