Online Minesweeper 3D

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This is a classic puzzle game in a new 3D style!
Compete with your friends ahead of them in the leaderboard with a general online rating!

In the game you need to open the entire playing field without blowing up a single mine.
To determine where the mines are located, the number of mines located around this cell is indicated under each cell. With these numbers you have to calculate the location of all the mines.

When you click on a cell around which there is not a single mine, all adjacent zero cells and all cells around them will open. If you click on a booby-trapped cell, it will detonate all the bombs on the playing field.

-To open a cell on the playing field, click on it with the flag turned off!
-You can mark the possible location of the mine by clicking on the flag first!
-You can turn on the flag by clicking on the flag button (the flan will turn red).
-You can turn off the flag by clicking on flag button (flag will turn gray).
-To win, you need to open all the cells without hitting a single mine!



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