Offroad car: rally time attack

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Start your engine and get ready for exciting off-road racing in our new crazy arcade game. Take control of your off-road vehicle and race through roads with no rules. Expect destruction, challenges, and obstacles on your way to victory. Experience the atmosphere of wild drive and acceleration, feel every hit and power of your machine. Face dangers, avoid obstacles, and be the king of the off-road. Enjoy the speed and control powerful cars in offline mode. Unique and exciting tracks await you, where every interaction with the environment will differ thanks to realistic physics. Collect all the bonuses, earn all the stars, then head to new locations and destroy everything in your path.

Use the touch screen or mouse and keyboard to control the game.
On smartphones and tablets to control the car, tap the screen. You will see a virtual joystick, use it to set the speed and direction.
On a computer you can also use the arrow keys or W, A, S, D to control the movement of the car.



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