Number Merge

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We added new mechanics, maps, and obstacles to make the game even more exciting and interesting!
Collect the largest numbers and break through all walls! Relax and have fun in a simple and addictive game! Control your number by finding the optimal path and avoiding obstacles. Absorb smaller numbers and become bigger and stronger! Reach the finish line, scoring the maximum number of points! It's time to test your agility in this exciting game!

Number Merge offers:

- Beautiful 3D graphics.
- Simple intuitive controls
- Relaxing music and sound effects
- Varied gameplay: over 99+ levels of increasing difficulty.

You start the game with a small number. During the run, merge with other numbers that are smaller than yours - they are painted in green. Try not to collide with red numbers that are bigger than yours. Otherwise, you will lose your number and have to start the level over again. Jump over ditches, cross bridges, and avoid electric saws. On the finish line, you will face many walls. Break down the walls one by one with your big number and become a master of numbers!



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