Nubik Runner RPG

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"Nubik Runner RPG" is an exciting arcade game in which you play as the main character, Nubik. You have to run, kill enemies and upgrade your character.

Nubik is a newcomer to the world of the game who finds himself in an environment full of dangers and bad guys. Your task is to help him pass all levels, avoid traps and kill all enemies on his way.

You start the game with basic weapons and skills, but as you progress through the levels, you will be able to level up your character, improving skills and equipment.

In addition, the game "Nubik Runner RPG" has many levels, each of which contains its own secrets and challenges. You have to go through many tests to become a real master of the game and defeat the main boss Huggi Wuggi.

So if you like arcade games where you have to run, kill and level up, then "Nubik Runner RPG" is the game for you!

Use the pressed mouse to move around the level. Collect coins and other bonuses to upgrade your character.

Be careful because the enemies can attack you. Get to the end of the level to go further!

Good game!



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