Nubik: Lumberjack Simulator

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Lumberjack Simulator offers a familiar and engaging experience for players of all ages through its distinctive design and simple mechanics. If you want a game that guarantees fun and adventure, where you can build, manage time, gather resources, and build your settlement, you need to explore the world. Lumberjack Simulator.
The goal of the game is to mine resources. To survive, you have to grow and mine a wide range of resources and build your settlement.
Build buildings to get minions to help you survive in this fun survival game.
The more minions you need to build, the harder it becomes to maintain your settlement. Luckily, it won't slow down your progress!
What a wonderful adventure awaits you? We hope you can create, build, and explore the Lumberjack Simulator right now!

Computer - Movement is done by buttons on the keyboard (WASD). You can also move by controlling the mouse, you need to press the left button and drive on the screen.
The phone - move your finger on the screen to move.



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