Nubik communicates with mobs: sounds of mobs

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Hi! In the game you can listen to the sounds made by friendly, as well as hostile mobs of the minecraft game!

10 mobs have been added to the game for you, each of them makes its own unique sound!
Have you ever wondered how the sound sounds when several mobs make it at the same time? No problem, here you can see it!

The bright, colorful, pleasant interface of the game pleases the eye, you will like it!

After starting the game, you will immediately be greeted by nubik and available mobs!
Choose which mob you want to listen to, click on it and enjoy the language of mobs!

If you want to listen to several mobs at the same time, then just quickly click on the mobs you want to hear!

Good luck! Don't forget to listen to all the mobs that none of them are offended!



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