Nubik breaks Skibidi's toilets

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Nubik has to save the village from the attack of Skibidi toilets.
Coins are awarded for each broken Skibidi toilet. You can spend them to improve Nubik's gun.

Coins can be used to increase the gun's power or speed.

If Skibidi toilets are too many, Pro will come to the rescue. He is very strong and can blow up all the Skibidi toilets on the screen.

Each Skibidi toilet that reaches Nubik breaks the gate. If the gate strength drops to 0, the game ends.

The number of coins accumulated determines your place in the rankings. How many can you accumulate?

The task is to break as many Skibidi toilets as possible with the help of Nubik and become the first in the ranking.

Tap on the screen so that Nubik shoots in the direction of the tap.

Click on the Pro to the right of Nubik to make him destroy all the toilets on the screen. Pro will appear once he has accumulated a charge.

Clicking on the gun to the left of Nubik will bring up a menu with boosts.

The leaderboard can be viewed by clicking on the corresponding button in the boost menu.

When the Skibidi toilets break the gate under Nubik, the game ends and you can choose 2 options:
1. Start over.
2. Continue the game with accumulated coins by watching the commercials.



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