Nubik and Emma: Prison Break

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The player in the role of a prisoner finds himself in the corridors of the prison, where danger awaits at every turn. Guards carefully watching every movement and patrolling red-marked areas are the main obstacles to freedom.

However, in order to escape, you need to make contact with other prisoners. The prison has secret allies who are ready to help with the escape, offering valuable advice, clues, and even items needed to carry out the escape plan. Communication with other prisoners and seeking support become important aspects of the game.

However, time does not stand still, and with each new level the prison becomes more and more difficult. Guards are stepping up their security measures, security cameras are getting more immersive, and red zones are expanding, creating further barriers to freedom. The player will have to show all their dexterity, ingenuity and strategic thinking to find ways to bypass the guards and find ways to escape from prison.

- Walk WASD
- You need to find the black key and escape from prison
- Complete tasks, find clues
- Avoid red zones, otherwise the jailers will run after you



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