Nooble-Jump 2

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Welcome to the fascinating world of Nooble-Jump 2 - a game that will make you jump to the fullest! Plunge into an exciting adventure where each jump can be the last. Make incredible jumps on platforms, dodge dangerous spikes and beware of the enemy that moves from below. Exciting adventures are waiting for you, where each platform will be more difficult than the previous one, but you will become stronger and smarter to overcome all obstacles in your path. But be careful, every step can be fatal! Join us and start your adventure today! Nooble-Jump 2 is a game for those who are ready to test their skills and courage. Will you be able to reach the top and become a real jumping master? Try yourself in this exciting game and you will not regret it!

For computers - press the Arrows or AD (left-right) to move the character

For smartphones - use the Joystick to move the character to move



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