Noob vs zombie shooter

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This is the newest Noob vs Zombies game! Noob lived a calm peaceful life and nothing foreshadowed trouble, but the periods of calm life ended, zombies began to break into his house. Help the noob survive the zombie apocalypse and find your friend Pro to save the world together.

Travel the world in different locations using a variety of different weapons from bats to machine guns and grenades to kill zombies. Collect gold bars, diamonds to upgrade weapons and buy new armor. Pass different levels, open new locations and crush zombies on your car.

Game Features:
● Lots of sticky levels!
● Large game world with location textures.
● Shop with high speed weapons (pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, minigun, WUA and more)
● Shop with skins
● many species (zombies, spiders, mutants)
● Shooting and parkour
● Zombie apocalypse game with Noob and Pro and Hacker.
● Game in the world of minecraft

The goal of the game is to complete the story levels by following the prompts. Upgrade your weapons, unlock new armor, earn money, unlock new levels and locations.

To play on your phone, use the touch buttons on the screen.



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