Noob jailbreak

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Noob Jailbreak is the newest Noob and Hacker game that will have only one level, over and over again, but with different ways and ways until you find the exit. All puzzles have simple and logical solutions, but not always. Escape from the prison by solving all the puzzles and defeating the Hacker!

Game feature:
●Lots of levels
●Prison escape game
●Battle with Hacker
●Trolling game
●Puzzle game
●Logic game
●Game in the world of minecraft
●New Noob vs Hacker game

The goal of the game is to follow the prompts and complete the levels by solving problems and puzzles. Every tenth level there will be a boss battle, and at the end of the final battle.

To play on your phone, use the touch buttons on the screen. On PC, use the "A" and "D" keys to walk, and use the "W" or "SPACE" keys to jump.



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