Noob: Endless Escape 2D

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Noob: Endless Escape 2D is an exciting game ready to challenge you! Go as far as you can, earning points for every metre you pass! Unlock all available skins as well as biomes and immerse yourself in the magic of the mesmerising winter biome.

The game offers you two unique maps designed specifically for endless escape. Explore their diverse landscapes and overcome all obstacles on your way to new records.

Enjoy nine unique skins that give your character personality and style. Choose your favourite skin and stand out from the crowd.

Get ready for exciting adventures, high speeds and plenty of opportunities to show off your skills. Improve your skills, unlock all the skins and show everyone that you are a real champion!

Challenge yourself and prove that you are ready to take the most frightening road and become the best runner in the game - Noob: Endless Escape 2D.

Click your finger or left mouse button on the screen to make a jump.
Jump over various obstacles.
Unlock new skins and biomes.
Go as far as possible!



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