Ninja Shadow: Returns

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Ninja Shadow is waiting for you to fight again.

Robbers attacked the village and only you can save it!
Traps, hidden caves and powerful new enemies are waiting for you. Upgrade your skills to save the village!

In the shadow man fight, you will face many obstacles such as spears and poisonous walls. You have to go through all this carefully. When you reach the door at the end of the episode that is waiting for you, you can take a deep breath and move on to the next challenge.

Are you ready for the real challenge? Prove that you are the real ninja and save the village from robbers!

On the computer:

Movement: WASD keys, arrow keys
Jump: Spacebar
Attack: "J" key
Dash: "L" key
Ninja Star: "K" Key
Hide: "H" key
Super hit: "I" key
Block: "U" key

On mobile:

Buttons on the screen



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