Neuro Horror

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The depths of the mind are huge, but a neural network can look into the very bottom of human fears.
After going through millions of training cycles, working with text and images, she managed to compose a holistic story about three heroes.
As they adventure, they encounter life, death, and borderline states.

Meet the main characters of the story:
King - A brave and courageous hero who declared war on the Big Eye.
A guy named Bumblebee - One of the king's friends, an explorer of other worlds.
Poppy - Lover of astral adventures. Almost died as a result of a psychological experiment with coins.

✔ A fascinating story that will leave an indescribable feeling.
✔ Anxious, unpredictable atmosphere.
✔ Stylish unique graphics.
✔ Original, soundtrack written by a neural network.
✔ Unexpected plot twists.
✔ Psychedelic environment.

Read slides, scroll through the story automatically or manually. Answer simple questions and enjoy the psychological story.



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