My Puzzles: Cities

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My puzzles: Cities. A useful free game for brain development in which you can collect pictures with photographs of cities.
Over 20 puzzle levels! 3 difficulty levels!

Choose the picture you like and the difficulty level: easy - 24 details, medium - 96 details and difficult - 216 details.

- Improves mental abilities, develops the brain.
- Simple and clear interface.
- The game develops logic and attentiveness.

Your high scores will save - check them out under the difficulty level selection buttons!

Choose the picture you like from the menu, then one of the difficulty levels and make puzzles by moving the pieces with the mouse on the computer or with your finger on the phone screen.

During assembly, buttons appear in the bottom menu:
The leftmost button opens the pause menu - there you can select a level and return to the menu.
Using the magnifying glass buttons, you can zoom in or out on the image. Central button will reset zoom. Grabbing the screen, you can move the enlarged picture.
The rightmost button shows a tooltip.

Progress is saved - to reset it, open the menu while assembling the puzzle and press the restart button.



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