My Precious

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The game "My Precious" is an exciting puzzle of the genre "5 in a row" or "Lines". You live in a cave, collect diamonds and other precious stones and treasures.

At the first levels, your inner instinct will tell you which stones will fall out and where. And the most desired Jewel will help you put everything in a chest.

✜ If you like to relax your brain, or, on the contrary, you need a challenge to your logical abilities ‒ this puzzle is for you.

✜ You can always cancel a move up to 7 times. But don't expect a miracle!

✜ There are 15 levels in the game, and each is unique with its own conditions.

✜ You can compete in achievements with other players.

Start a treasure hunt in a wet, cold cave!

Combine the same stones in groups of five or more horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Ring ‒ suitable for all groups.
Keep an eye on the queue of stones and pointers where they will be placed on the next move.
Each level has its own conditions of victory: a certain number of jewels to be collected.
If there is no place to place at least one stone in the new move, then there will be a loss. However, the treasures will not be lost.
Tap or click control.



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