Mortal Street Fighter

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Mortal Street Fighter belongs to the category "Street fight". The player takes on the role of a fighter who has to fight enemies that appear on the way. The fight is mostly fisted, only from time to time the player finds some kind of weapon on the stage. The characters in the game have specific designs for fighters. This game is inspired by older games on the subject. This game is intended for people over 16 years old who want to experience a sense of nostalgia, remember their childhood. The mode available in the game is single player.

The main goal in this game is for the player to defeat all the enemies that appear on the way. On the stage, in hidden places such as barrels, crates, there are weapons that the player can use. The win condition occurs when the goal of this game is reached. The player loses when they are defeated by enemies.

Control (computer):
● WASD - Movement
● Left click - punches
● Right click - kicks
● AA+Left Click, DD+Left Click - Super Punch
● AA+Right Click, DD+Right Click - Super Kick
● Spacebar - jump.

Control (phone):
● Joystick on the screen - Movement
● Button A - punches
● Button B - Kicks
● Button D - block
● Button C - jump
● Button with stripes - Pause



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