Minecraft: TNT Defense

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The game "Minecraft: TNT Defense" is a fascinating timekiller with a level system of complexity of the Tower Defense genre!

Put the guns and protect the dynamite from the maynkraft gasts so that it does not explode. With each level, a new map is generated, and each time there are more and more enemies and they are faster!

What level can you reach?

Your task is to protect the dynamite and keep the enemies away from it.
To do this, you need to put the gun on the free blocks.

For computers:
To put a cannon on a free cell, simply hover over it with the cursor and right-click.

For phones:
Tap on the block where you want to put the gun with your finger.

At each level, the number of guns is limited. If you have exceeded the limit of a limited number of guns, instead of a new gun, an old gun from the oldest position will stand on the selected block.



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