Minecraft Clicker: Village Defense

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Hello, warrior! The villagers need you! You have to protect them from the oncoming hordes of monsters. Earn emeralds for destroying monsters. Buy swords and new picks to mine emeralds faster and upgrade your equipment!
In this fascinating clicker you are waiting for:
- Your favorite universe;
- Familiar and atmospheric music;
- Nice graphics;
- Simple operation;
- Various monsters from the Minecraft world;
- Purchase of new swords and picks.

Your goal is to buy swords and pickaxes.
Swords give you extra damage and an increased number of emeralds per click. In addition, you get an additional reward for destroying enemies, which depends on your level.
The level increases when gaining experience from destroyed monsters. The higher your level, the more diverse and stronger the mobs.
Buy picks, because they give automatic extraction of emeralds!
Click, have fun and just enjoy the process!



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