Mineclicker: mobs and blocks

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Mineclicker: mobs and blocks is a clicker game in the pixelated minecraft world! Click to kill mobs and dig blocks. You will earn XP and blocks to hire new friends and buy tools upgrades. The game contain a lot of mobs, boss levels and a plenty of blocks! Have fun!

Game features:
• 70 levels
• 14 boss levels
• 30+ mobs
• 40 cubes

Mineclicker: mobs and blocks is an game where you’ll be killing different types of animals and mining blocks. For each animal, you earn points that can then be used to buy different upgrades or to hire up a new companion that will help you out. The blocks can be used to buy new weapons that will allow you to kill faster. The more companions and the better weapons you have, the faster you’ll progress in the game. Will you be able to slay the famous Enderdragon?



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