Merge to Battle

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Merge to Battle is a cool real-time evolution strategy game for everyone.

The main goal of the game is to capture all the castles that stand in the way of your knights.

Can you think fast enough to unite the warriors and fight the enemy?

Your task is simple... come up with your own strategy to unite the warriors and archers on the battlefield and fight against the enemies! You must quickly unite your troops into an invincible army if you want to win!

Build and upgrade your castle, upgrade your troops by dressing them in legendary armor and get an invincible fortress!

Explore the entire evolution of warriors by combining two units into a new even stronger one!

Attack to take control of the enemy castle.
React and think fast. Use strategy and tactics to win the battle and advance to the next level.

- Develop troops to become stronger!
- Build and upgrade your castle to be invincible!
- Connect warriors with each other to get stronger ones!
- Explore the whole evolution of your knights!
- Drag warriors onto the battlefield to send them into battle!
- Install archers on towers to keep enemies away from the castle.
- Capture castles to take their gold for yourself.
- Explore the world as you travel through colorful battlefields.



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