Mathematical Wordle

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Mathematical Wordle is a puzzle game "Find the Hidden Equation".

This game is analogous to the famous Wordle, but instead of guessing words, you have to guess mathematical equations.

The game has different settings that you can change at any time, but before the timer starts (the timer starts after you press any sign or number).

- You can change the length of the equation
- You can change the number of attempts
- You can select arithmetic signs
- Negative numbers can be added

All examples are randomly generated and the score you get depend on your settings!

You must guess a hidden mathematical equation in the number of tries you choose.

To arrange the numbers and arithmetic signs, press the buttons below the playing field (You can use the keyboard). When you think your guess is correct, press the "Enter" button to recolor the numbers and signs.

Numbers and arithmetic signs that are not in the equation are marked gray, those that are in the equation but not in their place are marked yellow, and those that are in the right place are marked green.

Rules of the Game:
- Each equation must contain one sign =.
- You can only use 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 digits and symbols + - * / =
- The left side of the equation must equal the right side
- Each assumption is noncommutative (a+b=c and b+a=c are different assumptions)
- Remember! The first action is always * or /, and then + or -



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