Mashinka - Car Drift Simulator

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Mashinka - Car Drift Simulator is a driving game in which you have to collect rewards while speeding on open sandbox maps.
Crash will damage and destroy car. Drive fast or you wont gain any progress.
Different locations - from forest to desert.
Realistic car controller that allows drifting in this sandbox simulator. Mashinka - Car Drift Simulator combines the realism and fun driving physics to create the best car driving simulator on mobile with its advanced car driving physics engine.Keep your finger to the floor and be ready for absolutely anything in this ridiculously entertaining mobile racing game where you really never know what’s around the next corner.

You’ll get speed,awesome cars and a whole lot more in this addictive casual driving game that’s as intuitive as it is outrageous.

W - forward
S - brake (back)
AD - turn the car
Space - handbrake

To control the car on your phone, use the game interface.

How to get new cars:

Collect coins on the maps at a speed of at least 60 km/h, for coins you can buy new cars in the game store.



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