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The year is 2035. The USSR is starting to colonize Mars. The trust MarsChemProm created for this purpose has built a base on the Red Planet and organizes mining there. The Trust needs volunteers. Try yourself as a driver of a mining combine. Look for fossils, get useful substances from them, fight the separatists, help out your comrades, repair equipment.
Features of the game:
The game is educational, you need knowledge of chemistry and physics to complete missions.

You are a Martian rescue ranger who came to Mars to build a bright future. You need to complete dangerous missions that Nina, your instructor, gives you. If the mission fails, Nina sends you to the Martian desert as an ordinary combine harvester to extract minerals until you redeem your mistakes with hard work.
Bonuses are paid for successfully completed missions, with this money you can improve your harvester, make it faster and more spacious.
To control the harvester, use the joystick on the screen. On the desctop use mouse or standard keys - WASD. If you are in the desert, then by clicking on the PAUSE button in the upper left corner of the screen, you can view the status of the combine and the current task. Before you are entrusted with a combine harvester, you need to be instructed.
There are 4 types of missions in the game, the difficulty level of each mission gradually increases.
The game is saved automatically when entering the base.



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