Magic Valley!

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Upgrade your island and become the king of the valley! Find new friends, improve their characteristics, build bridges and develop your islands! Create the world of your dreams with the game "Magic Valley!".

--Movement is carried out using the mouse and the pressed LMB key.--

In the game you need to collect as many crystals as possible. Crystals are the local currency. For them, you can buy both a chicken and a whole industrial generator!

To collect crystals in a backpack, you need to approach the laying of crystals and wait for some time. In order to put the crystals on your gaming wallet, you need to go to the box. It is located near the ore itself.

To spend the earned crystals, go to the purchase zone. It is a zone set aside by a dotted line around the circle and the price inside it. There is also a bonfire on the map. You can use it to buy and improve chickens.

Play and remember: the main thing is just to have fun!



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