Line Color 3D: New Adventure

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Line Color 3D: New Adventure is a simple yet captivating game that is easy to understand at first glance. Your goal is to guide the cube through various levels, avoiding traps that await at every step. You only need one button to control the cube. Be prepared for various obstacles that may try to hinder you in this colorful journey. Each cube has a glowing colored line, creating a unique atmosphere in the game.

Line Color 3D: New Adventure offers you the option to choose one of the 36 characters that unlock as you progress through the game, each with their own unique style.

The gameplay style of Line Color 3D: New Adventure corresponds to the popular Hyper-Casual genre, which means the game is simple and understandable even for children. You don't need to learn complex rules or controls to start playing and enjoying this simple yet addictive game.

-Click on the start screen to begin the level.
-Hold the right mouse button to move the cube and release it to stop.
-If you want to change the character, click on the shop button first, select a character from the available options, and then return to the game with the new character.



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