LAVA LAMA: Don't Fall In Lava

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Under confusing circumstances, player finds himself in a strange place. Turns out that it's the LAMA LAVA center. Spacious rooms, mechanisms and pipes - looks like an ordinary factory, but... There's lava everywhere!

At the entrance to the production shop, player was greeted by a voice which had invited to a factory show-up. The voice seems friendly and suspicious at the same time - you don't have an option anyways and you agree...

Later it turns out that toys alike llamas with no wool are produced here. The composition and method of crafting is keeping in secret and everyone who found out the terrible secret of the production are mysteriously disappeared.

What about you? Well, you're almost gone too... But with courage and putting fears away, you have all chances to get out of this place!

Overcome obstacles, interact with the 3D world and move through the story. Elaborated levels with high-quality voice acting will appeal to adventure, parkour and thrills fans.


• Use mouse to look around;
• WASD - moving;
• Left mouse button - interact;
• Space - jump;
• Shift - sprint;
• C - crouch.

Earphones are highly recommended.



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