Launch and Burst

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The game you are about to play is reminiscent of Arkanoid and "One More Brick". It has simple controls and design, but there is one indisputable advantage over other games - it is able to feel the mood of the player. When things don't go according to plan, the game plays sad depressing music and videos to kind of empathize with you. But when everything works out, cheerful music and a funny video are included that will cheer you up. The levels are quite challenging and interesting, so you can enjoy the game for a long time.

Dear players! Welcome to our game! Your goal is to burst all the colored blocks using the ball,
which can be launched using the "A" button. After hitting the block, the ball bounces and your task is to hit it with the platform below, moving it left / right using the "A" / "D" keys so that the ball does not fall down.
Don't forget that gray blocks cannot be destroyed. When you destroy a certain number of blocks,
there will be bonuses that will greatly facilitate the further passage of the level. If it so happened that the ball bounces only from gray blocks, then this time you are out of luck and you need to use the level restart button to complete the level again.
We wish you good luck and have a good time in our game!



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