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Someone has stolen the last barrel of the old farmer's favorite drink, and now, in order to buy a new one, he has to sell his last goat. But that one has other plans, and instead of accepting its fate, the goat rushes to the run.

Help the goat not to fall prey to the farmer, overcome all the dangers of the forest and find freedom!
Use traps and your dexterity to escape from the farmer!

- Twenty exciting and scenic levels!
- Simple and straightforward controls, but you will have to try to complete the whole game!
- Plot and dialogue! (yes, even it is here)
- Colorful graphics, smooth animation, pleasant sounds and music

How to play from your phone:
All control is done by pressing buttons on the screen, we will tell you more in the game

How to play from a computer:
Also by clicking on the buttons on the screen, or using the keyboard:
- Space - jump
- Down arrow / S - slide (hold down the button)
- Up arrow / W - yell
- Number keys 1,2,3 - traps (if there are enough apples for them)




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