King Hagi Wagi and Cloud Kingdom

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A unique, bright and musical adventure game about your favorite hero!
Help Huggy become the king of the Kingdom in the Clouds! Defeat villains overcome traps!

Goals of the game:
-Complete all levels (total 4 worlds of 10 levels.)
-At the end of each world you will find a unique battle with the Boss
-Restore the balance of the kingdom by collecting all 4 crowns
-Collect as many coins as possible, they will be useful to you
-Find all the secrets in the World "on the clouds"
-This is a story game, can you find out what awaits Huggy in the finale?

Game Features:
-Vivid graphics
-Each world is a unique set of puzzles and traps
-Each world contains a unique, upbeat theme song
-Play as you like (Phone / Tablet / PC / Laptop) The game supports different types of controls (including gamepads from Playstation and analogues)

Move your finger across the screen and move Hagi Vagina fall from the clouds and collect all the coins.

Phone control:

Control on your phone (or tablet)
tap the screen and slide your finger in the desired direction to move the character .

PC control:

WASD - character movement



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