Jumper Ball - 3D Destroyer

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Your task is to guide the Ball from the first Starting platform to the last Finishing platform. Trap Spikes are waiting for you on the way. Falling from a great height or outside the playing field is just as dangerous and will lead to a loss.

There are endless levels in the game, you can play endlessly, with each new level the platforms are rebuilt and make the task more difficult for you.

Amulets will help you protect yourself from Traps and Falls.
There are three amulets in the game:
1) - Energy, the lightning icon, will allow you to destroy the spikes and not lose.
2) - Protection, the crossed-out arrow icon will allow you to protect yourself from falling from a great height.
3) - The bomb, explodes the platform on which you fall, allows you to clear the path.

The more amulets you collect and complete the levels, the more points you score, the game counts each amulet collected.
You can control the game with just one hand using the mouse, keyboard or swipe with your finger.

The game has one goal - to go from the Starting platform to the Finish line, collecting as many amulets as possible. On the way you will be hindered by Platforms, Spikes Traps and high altitude.

Simple character control:

Desktop / PC / PC:
Mouse - Press the left mouse button on the field and move the mouse.
Keyboard - Arrow keys or A and D buttons.

Mobile version:
Swipe finger on the screen.



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