Jelly's Drift 2

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Welcome to the world of hardcore drifting where you race against Japanese cars on various tracks. "Jelly's Drift 2" is a challenging racing simulator game where you have to control an arcade car in a drift. Defeat your enemy to unlock cars and maps. Win races and upgrade your cars, speed, drift and wheel grip. Become the best drifting racer!

Unlock all the cars such as Mazda RX-7, Nissan Skyline, Tesla Cybertrack and other vehicles. Reach the Japanese slope map "Akina" from the famous anime "Initial D"! Perform tricks and jumps on ramps while driving in traffic on one of the tracks in the Japanese drift jelly car game. Battle in races with bots of chosen difficulty on forest, highway, desert, slippery and Russian winter maps. The racing game "Jelly's Drift 2" has many gameplay maps to drive on with the cars you earned in traffic race battle. This racing arcade drift game has realistic car physics and arcade drift physics.

Arrow keys or WASD on the keyboard.

Key W - forward
Key A - turn left
Key S - backward
Key D - turn right

Before entering a turn, turn sharply to initiate a drift on the rear wheels. The rear of the car should start to slide. Turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction of the drift to prevent the car from spinning out. Control the angle with the gas pedal and slow down before sharp turns.



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