Jelly Battle

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Jelly Battle is a fast-paced and challenging game where players take control of a jelly hero and battle their way through hordes of enemies to level up their skills and abilities. The game features colorful graphics, intuitive controls, and a variety of challenging levels that will test even the most skilled players.

The gameplay of Jelly Battle is simple and straightforward, but requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking to master. Players must navigate their jelly hero through each level,
Defeating enemies will randomly drop gems, which players can collect to upgrade their skills and abilities.

One of the key features of Jelly Battle is the ability to upgrade skills and abilities using the gems collected throughout the game. Players can use their gems to unlock new abilities, increase the power of existing skills, and customize their jelly hero to suit their playstyle.

Overall, Jelly Battle is a fun and addictive game that offers something for players of all skill levels.

control the jelly hero to defeat enemies and collect gems.

Mobile & Desktop:
Swipe on screen to move and to attack enemies. Collect enough gems to upgrade skills and become more powerful.
Avoid obstacles and defeat bosses to progress through levels.
Keep an eye on the jelly hero's health bar and use power-ups to replenish it.



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