Invasion of the Rainbow Friends. Shooter!

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You woke up in the house of a Red Rainbow Friend. All you can do is help him defeat other Rainbow Friends. Clear the floors from enemies! Find chests of gold! Upgrade your arsenal to fight your enemies more effectively! Don't step on the sharp spikes, and look around!

- Driving gameplay.
- 20 unique levels.
- a variety of weapons.
- unique enemies.
- the presence of traps and hidden treasures.

Destroy the required number of enemies on the location and find a way to move to the next level.


For the computer:
Mouse — look around.
WASD — movement.
Shift — run.
E — open the chest.
Space — jump.
Numbers (1-4) — change of weapons.
Left mouse button — shoot.
R — reload.
TAB — menu/pause.

For the phone:
Joystick — movement.
The right part of the screen is to look around.
Shooting — by button/automatic.
Weapon change in pause.



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