Impostor Among Us 3D

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The crew has discovered an impostor on the ship!
But getting rid of him is not so easy... With limited power, you'll have to use a flashlight and look around often. Fuel the engines, fix the electronics, access the cameras and weaken the monster with the flashlight.

The game has several modes:

You are one of the crew members. Help the crew, complete tasks like in the original game, run away from the impostor and do everything you can to get rid of him.

Speedrun! Complete all the quests encountered in story mode in the shortest possible time. Finish as high as you can on the scoreboard!

Become an impostor! Play as the monster and catch all the crew members in the allotted time.

Controls (computer):
WASD or Arrows - Move
Mouse - Camera Overview
Tab - Pause

Controls (phone):
Joysticks on screen.

Complete missions and escape from the monster.
In "Hardcore" mode, you must complete all tasks on speed.
In "Hide n Seek" mode, catch the crew members in the allotted time.



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