Idle Hotel Empire Tycoon

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Step into the role of a manager for a small Hotel. Open and upgrade rooms, restaurants, leisure areas, and various cafes. Embellish the exterior and interior of your Hotel to attract more visitors! Hire staff to service the rooms and open parking lots. Invest your profits back into your business and multiply your earnings!

The core genre is Idle Tycoon. You'll need to continuously develop your business - a small Hotel - over an extended period. Open all rooms and leisure facilities (halls, cafes, parks) to increase your profits from each visitor.

You can speed up service time by tapping on the progress bar located above each cashier's desk and at the reception. Additionally, you can watch short videos to receive temporary and instant bonuses to your earnings!

At the beginning of the game, you will be greeted with a small tutorial that will help you become familiar with the core mechanics of the game: acquiring rooms and upgrading room content.

To acquire or upgrade a room, you should tap on the area where that room is located. In the opened window, information about the cost, construction time, and a purchase button will appear. If the room has already been acquired, a content management window will appear.

To upgrade the content of the selected room, you should choose the necessary content and press the "Upgrade" button.

You can speed up visitor service at cashiers or the reception area. To do this, tap on the progress bar icon located above the heads of the staff.



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